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Submitted by sdd.prmceam on 28 January 2020
General Discussion

Dear Sir

This is S D Deshpande from an Engineering College. 

Would like to know

  1.  is there a need to create a separate mookit environment in the campus. (we have a good connectivity and a server)

   2. if yes, how it could be useful to all the faculties/students of our college.

   3.  initially we would like to restrict everything to our college faculties/students. (currently we distribute the notes/ppts/question bank to the students using different unorganized ways)

    4. whether this environment contains all kinds of course management modules like maintenance of daily attendance, reports, tests conducted and its management, final gradation or marks calculation etc

    5.  what could be the financial matters involved.



Myself Kaneez Mehdi 

want to know how to create and foster the MookIT environment to the advantage of teachers and students