Many institutions are looking for solutions to reach a large number of learners in an affordable way. mooKIT, a powerful MOOC management system, can be used to offer online courses at any scale, from micro to massive.

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur is well known for its excellence in education and research and has been offering MOOCs since 2012. mooKIT, a MOOC Management System has been built ground up at the Computer Science department at IIT Kanpur with best-of-breed features and state-of-art technology.

mooKIT is a system that instructors, learners and system administrators find easy to work with - designed for “Internet Novices”. Its unique architecture makes it highly customizable and cost-effective at any scale.

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Key Features

  • Adaptable to Varying Bandwidth

    Bandwidth Indicator to choose the delivery mode from video (when high), audio (when modest) or via phone.

  • Discussions

    Forums for in-depth discussion, Hangouts for quick and real-time interactions.

  • Social Network Integration

    Access and Participate in the forums from Facebook and Twitter.

  • Internationalization

    Select preferred language for navigation menu. Integrate new languages easily.

  • Assessments

    Quizzes and Assignments for evaluation.

  • Certification

    Generate certificates from templates.

  • Analytics

    Monitor and gain interesting insights as the course progresses.

  • Customizable

    Adapt to the local needs. Addition of new features is easy.

  • Cost Effective

    Handles high-traffic on low-end servers. Huge savings in hosting costs.

  • Progressive Apps

    Videos can be downloaded, and content can be cached locally. Both iOS and Android Apps available


Simple, Intuitive and Cost Effective MOOC Management System

  • mooKIT Standard Edition

    Suitable to run standalone course(s).
    No need to stream videos from a local platform (uses YouTube)

  • mooKIT Enterprise Edition

    Suitable to offer more than one online course.
    Users are a part of a portal and will be able to enroll in the courses they’re interested in.

  • mooKIT Replicated

    Suitable for regions where bandwidth is expensive.
    Content is cached on local servers. Updates will sync periodically between servers.

  • Mobi-mooKIT

    Suitable for the developing world where data connections are not available for a large segment of population. Content is accessible over a phone call, with IVR based navigation.

  • mooKIT Offline

    mooKIT Offline tries to address the challenges with internet connections. Archived courses can now be accessed using an intuitive mobile app without an internet connection, which also makes content sharing much easier.


mooKIT has been used in more than 60 courses with about 200,000 registered students.

Learning Physics through Simple experiments
By IIT Kanpur

Meet The Team

Prof. T. V. Prabhakar
Revathy KT
Aditya Vadlamani
Deepak Kumar
Aparna Gaikwad

What our users say

Dr. Aralimarad Prabhuraj

Professor of Entomology, UAS Raichur, India

mooKIT is a very user friendly platform to offer MOOCs and interact with participants. The platform is well designed and is very useful. Its analytics is very helpful in understanding the student’s participation and to track their progress. I strongly recommend using this platform for those who wish to offer a MOOC.

Dr. Kirk Perris

Independent Consultant, Canada

mooKIT is intuitive to use and aesthetically appealing. On the design side, the platform has been constructed to be customizable and of low demand on a server. In combination, the features of the mooKIT platform will be attractive to individuals or organizations interested in pursuing MOOC initiatives independently.


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