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Media and Information Literacy
National Open University of Nigeria, UNESCO, COL
Introduction to Sustainable Development in Business
Open University of Mauritius, COL
कृषि उद्यमिता के माध्यम से ग्रामीण युवाओं में रोजगार सृृजन
BAU, IIT Kanpur, COL
Blockchains For Managers - Introduction and Applications
IIT Kanpur and COL
Resource Management in Rainfed Drylands
IIT Kanpur and COL
Fundamentals of Agricultural Extension
IIT Kanpur and COL
Quantum Mechanics
CCE, IIT Kanpur
ProgAll: Programming for All
Basics of Special Theory of Relativity
CDTE, IIT Kanpur
LifeSkills MOOCs
Functional Foods: Concept, Technology and Health Benefits
IIT Kanpur and COL
Physics of Semiconductors
IIT Kanpur
जैविक खेती एवं भारत की सहभागिता जैविक प्रतिभूति प्रणाली
NPTEL, IIT Kanpur and COL
Computer Systems Security
IIT Kanpur
Introduction to Technology-Enabled Learning
COL and Athabasca University
Basics of Entrepreneurship Development in Agriculture
IIT Kanpur and COL